Thai to English Subtitle Translation

Deposit Protection Agency Corporate Video

Community Pharmacy PCL Corporate Video

Future Medical Supply Corporate Video

ZKTeco One-Stop Solution

Global Beverages Corporate Video

High Voltage Electricity Station 2, The Royal Thai Navy Electricity Welfare Concession Corporate Video

Morning Kiss Nail Academy Corporate Video

B-Quik Corporate Video

CPF Corporate Video

Pho Van Promotional Video

Tako Pid Thong Smart Mining Promotional Video

Chardchakaj Waikawee documentary

YASHICA Airlab Promotional Video

*The first two sentences are spoken in Japanese. The English-speaking part was transcribed.

Pokklao Thammaracha: Documentary film about the life of His Majesty King Prajadhipok

I translated 26 chapters out of the whole series, click here to see the video of all the episode I translated.

When love opens the Eyes

a short video to promote a volunteer training program to help people who are visually impaired.

The Spirit of Adventure (ผจญภัยไร้พรมแดน) TV Show

Highjump Software Promotional Video

*I translated from Thai to English when in every Thai-speaking scene and I translated from English to Thai in every English-speaking scene.