Pailin Jewelry Brand Story 1

It is commonly known that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Sadly, how can anything be anyone’s bestie if it is so hard to reach out to? This is the idea of Pailin Jewelry, a jewelry maker who wants to make jewelry part of everyday fashion under a reasonable price.

Our journey started a year and a half ago. From the love of gemstone, Pailin Jewelry explores new possibilities of design and craft for rings, earrings and laces. Like flowers, every piece of gemstone used in our products is thoroughly handpicked. The products are handmade to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness under the philosophy of ‘Elegance and Sweet’.

Gems are like flowers. Not only for the beauty, but also the diversity. The characters of flowers are artistically displayed in our collections. Our rose collections represent love and sweetness, while the peony collections symbolize the energy of modern women, who are outgoing yet lovely. The meanings of flowers are complemented with the well-crafted gemstone and other materials including cultured diamond, white gold and silver to enhance your sprit from inside out.

The jewelry from Pailin is for your everyday use. They can be matched with your formal or business casual attire to brighten up your mood at work, at gala dinner or at home. The products are made under the same technique as luxurious diamond works. You can free yourself from concerns about the product quality and let Pailin Jewelry free your spirit.

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