Facebook Live: New Era of Television

It looks like Facebook Live is bringing a TV watching experience back to all of us again. It comes with an excitement of “I must watch this right now”. Plus, we can send a message to the broadcaster too. Will it help the television business back to its rigorous life again?

Lives from Facebook users around the globe reminds me of the childhood years, where TV shows from abroad could be reached by paying an expensive monthly membership fee to a cable television network. And look at what we have now, we can get it for “Free”.

Besides, Facebook empowers everyone to be a content maker by ourselves. It breaks down the power of the few aka ‘Media Executives’ to judge what we can watch. In the past, they acted like an arrogant tastemaker because they knew they were the only gateway. Their heydays are numbered now because on Facebook the channel is free and limitless. You don’t have to please anyone just for the approval to start your dream project. You can do it immediately and let your work speak for itself.

Perhaps, it’s time for TV to be booming again. And this time everything will be GLOBAL, where everyone on earth can watch the same show at the same time. Will this motivate you to practice English?

What kind of society that encourage its people to create a technology that empower people? Isn’t it a society that believes in freedom, opportunities and the power of an individual? It can’t be anything but my beloved ‘American Dreams’, the social value I think everyone belongs to.

To me, Facebook is ‘Practical Liberty’. It brings power to our hands, the hands of individuals. Just like what Youtube, AirBnB and Tripadvisor, the start-up powerhouse from the United States, have given to us.

PS. I’m writing this article while watching a live program from The Huffington Post and realised that it would cost me dear for a cable TV to watch news from abroad.